How Can A Geriatric Care Manager Help Your Aging Loved One?

By: thesentinel1974

Sep 22 2010

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Home Care allows your aging parent or elderly relative to remain safely in their home. As Dorothy said; “there’s no place like home”.  A geriatric care manager will help with personal care such as bathing, dressing and getting around their home without falling.


The aide will also do the laundry, shopping, cooking and provide transportation to doctor appointments and other outings. This caregiver will also provide companionship to your mother or father.


Aging parents or their adult children may decide that staying at home is not the best decision. Although home care agencies and services can provide live in round the clock care, the stimulation of daily entertainment, communal meals and no longer managing the household can point caregivers and older adults to Assisted Living Facilities. There, they will have greater socialization, help with medications and be free of caring for a home.


Seniors tend to go to ALFs (assisted living facilities) when they either can no longer manage at home or no longer want to live independently on their own.

They may seek the security of having a staff available as well all of the social aspects of group living. It is a big move and often family caregivers will have the home care aide continue with their parents for a couple of weeks to ease their elderly parent’s transition into facility life.


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